Practicing Stop Motion Animation Techniques


  • HW: Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) + Stop Motion Studio App
  • CW: Complete Storyboard for Stop Motion Animation
  • DN: What is a stop motion animation? How are they made?
  • EQ: How do you animate motion and changes in a stop motion animation?
  • Note: Chuck-Ken Egg Extraction Engineering Project Continues


Storyboard Template

Stop Motion Studio App (free version)


5min> Students complete the Do Now and attendance is taken.

10min> Watch video and discuss how the stop motion animation (SMA) was made.

5min> Split Class. Half on Chuck-Ken Egg Extraction Engineering Project (CKEEEP) & Half on SMA.

10min SMA group preps storyboard outlines. (Titles, Animation Sections, Number of Pictures, etc.) CKEEEP group assembles devices.

5min Run tests of Egg Extraction Devices

5min SMA group plan, delegate tasks, complete storyboards and prep materials for stop motion animations. CKEEEP make adjustments to devices.

5min Run tests of Egg Extraction Devices

5min< Clean up. Wrap up.

SMA AIM: Students will create a stop motion animation that features morphing and changes in speed.

CKEEEP AIM: Students will build an egg extractor using common inexpensive materials by first asking questions, imagining solutions and problems, planning their design, constructing their device, and refining their design for improved results.