The Crushing Power of Air Particles


  • CW/HW: Complete script for video project.
  • DN: What will happen to the can as the air inside cools? (Visual: One can with air particles moving rapidly in the can striking the sides numerous times. One can with air particles moving slowly in the can striking the sides less often.)
  • EQ: How does temperature change the size of a balloon?
  • Note: Missing/Late Project Mandatory Lunch Meetings this week. P3 Tuesday & Wednesday. P5 Thursday & Friday


Temperature Explanatory Video Storyboard

iMovie App (free)


5min< Students complete the Do Now and attendance is taken. Students share ideas with class.

5min< Demonstration: Heated soda can is placed in cold water. Brief Discussion.

10min Demonstration: Adding a voiceover and changing film speed in iMovie.

15min< Student work on scripts (follow storyboard) for First Video Project.

5min< Students share their scripts in pairs. Share with class

5min< Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will create a well-made video which explains the relationship to temperature, kinetic energy, and particle motion in relation to the size of a balloon.