Quiet on Set: Storyboarding for Video Presentations

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  • HW: Finish Summary
  • CW: Complete Storyboard Notes
  • DN: Fold a piece of paper into a paper plane.
  • EQ: How should you film a 'how to...' video?


Blank Storyboard

How to... Example Storyboard

Lesson Outline

5min> Students complete the Do Now and pick up the Blank Storyboard handout. Take attendance.

15min Demonstrate how to fold a paper airplane. Discuss what should go into a video and how it should be filmed. Students complete the storyboard. (See the completed storyboard for details.)

15min> Film group (half the class) films the shots listed in the storyboard (excluding title and credits). The focus is on composition and not the quality of the content. Switch with summary group.

15min> Summary group (half the class) writes a detailed paragraph on what should go into a 'how to...' video presentation including shot details (wide, medium or close-up). Switch with film group.

5min< Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will learn and practice the skills and techniques required to make a video presentation that uses best practices including close-ups, medium, and wide shots.