First Day: Laying Out The Rules & Setting Expectations

Quick View

  • HW: Parent reads and signs the course outline
  • CW: Paragraph summary & annotations
  • DN: Make a nameplate (example and steps posted on the board). Use bold lettering and write in pen or marker.
  • EQ: What are the rules and expectations of the class?


Course Outline Template

Lesson Outline

10min> Students complete the Do Now and pick up handouts. (For the first few days the teacher will remind them to do so.) Attendance will be called out.

5min Teacher self-introduction. Short Q & A.

10min Practice Reading for Comprehension Techniques with course outline for the first few paragraphs. Peer share, group share highlights and annotations.

10min> Repeat for key paragraphs.

5min Check for Understanding. Volunteers only – give out tickets.

5min Paragraph Summary.

5min  Share paragraphs – random selection. Explain homework. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will become familiar with the rules and extra dictations of the class by reading & annotating the course outline; and writing a short summary paragraph.