A Pop-Up Haiku To Get To Know You

Quick View

  • HW: Finish Haiku Pop-up Page
  • CW: Self Haiku
  • DN: On the back of the Haiku Handout list five likes, five dislikes, and one interesting fact. 
  • EQ: What are the rules to writing Haiku?


Haiku Handout

Lesson Outline

10min> Students complete the Do Now and pick up handouts. (For the first few days the teacher will remind them to do so.) Attendance will be called out.

5min< Overview of the Haiku rules.

5min< Finding what's wrong with Haiku A & B. Individual, share with pairs, then class discussion.

10min Students write a Haiku. Pair checks for compliance to Haiku rules. Share with class.

5min Demonstrate how to make a pop-up book template. Show examples. (Step by step examples on the board.)

5min< Students make their own pop-up book template.

10min  Students start on Haiku Pop-Up, adding in likes, dislikes, interesting facts, title, haiku, and pictures/art. Finish for homework. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will practice writing haiku and the skills to make a pop-up by making a 1-page Pop-Up book featuring a Haiku about themselves.