Visualizing Interactions Using Stop Motion Animation - Planning


  • HW: Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) + Stop Motion Studio App
  • CW: Complete Storyboard for Stop Motion Animation
  • DN: Provide examples of Commensal, Competitive, and Mutual Interactions between individuals at a school.
  • EQ: How do members of different species interact with each other across ecosystems?


Storyboard Template

Stop Motion Studio App (free version)



5min< Students complete the Do Now and are encouraged to explain their answers in detail. Take attendance.

10min< Students provide examples (from DN). Students debate. Teacher provides additional examples and students identify the interaction type and provide supporting argument.

5min Overview of Stop Motion Animation

10min Prep of storyboard outlines. (Titles, Animation Sections, Number of Pictures, etc.)

10min< Students plan, delegate tasks, complete storyboards and prep materials for stop motion animations.

5min< Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will model the different interactions between species across all ecosystems in a stop motion animation.