Chemistry: Photosynthesis Virtual Lab


  • HW: Work on the commercial, instructions, design, slideshow, and constructing the final version of your product for the Reuse Project.

  • CW: [1] Photosynthesis virtual lab mini-lab report (turn in via Google Classroom). [2] Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration diagram explanation paragraph (turn in via Google Classroom).

  • DN: Draw C2H5OH, CNH, and OF2.

  • Reminders: Notebook check on MONDAY.


Photosynthesis Lab Simulation

Reuse Project + Group Member Agreements



5min Students complete the Do Now by drawing molecules with the correct number of bonds.

5min Students take assigned Chromebooks as answer to the Do Now are drawn on the board.

5min Teacher overviews how to interpret the diagram (see notes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration) with class.

10min Students write a paragraph about what information is conveyed in the diagram.

5min Teacher overviews how to use the photosynthesis lab simulation.

10-15min Students run the photosynthesis lab simulation at all light settings (0-6) for 30 seconds and record the number of oxygen bubbles in the provided spreadsheet (via Google Classroom). Students then determine the independent variables, dependent variables, constants and add a chart with an appropriate trendline.

5min Return Chromebooks. Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.