Chemistry: DHMO. What's in a name?


  • HW: Work on Reuse Project Version 2 due Wednesday.

  • CW: Adding notes to the foldy-thing (in notebook).

  • DN: Read the article on DHMO.

  • Reminder: Building instructions for Reuse Project Version 2 are also due on Wednesday.


Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) Article

Naming Molecules Handout

Reuse Project + Group Member Agreements


5min Students complete the Do Now by reading the article.

5min Class finishes reading the DHMO article together and discusses banning the substance.

5min Teacher demonstrates how to name a molecule using prefixes and adding ‘ide’ to the end using H2O as an example.

5min< Class addresses banning dihydrogen monoxide again.

5min< Class names and draws the following molecules: ClF, CO2, and NH3.

10min Students individual name and draw: PBr3, CCl4, N2O3, and N2F2. Students share answers with the class and are confirmed by the class.

10min Students add their own notes in the foldy-thing (notebook) on how to name molecules.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.