Chemistry: Quiz


  • HW: Finish mini-lab report for Gummy Bear Lab (turn in via Google Classroom).

  • CW: Gummy Bear Lab Write up (Google Docs and Sheets).

  • DN: Get assigned notebook and a bubble sheet.

  • Reminder: Reuse Project version 2 is due next week.


Gummy Bear Data Example

Reuse Project + Group Member Agreements


5min Students complete the Do Now by taking assigned Chromebook and a bubble sheet.

10min Gummy Bear Lab. Students measure gummy bears size in millimeters and record data. Students then create a chart with a trendline.

10min Gummy Bear Lab. Students write an analysis/conclusion that interprets the meaning of the trendline and discuss whether their hypothesis was correct or incorrect. Mini-lab reports are then turned in via Google Classroom.

15min Chemistry Introduction Quiz

5min Collect materials. Return Chromebooks. Clean up. Wrap up.