Chemistry: Reactions RXN


  • HW: Work on 2nd version of Reuse Project

  • CW: Paragraph summary and margin questions (in notebook).

  • DN: How are ions made? (You can draw a picture if it helps.)

  • EQ: (1) What occurs in a chemical reaction? (2) How can chemical reactions be detected?


Reuse Project + Group Member Agreements



5min Students complete the Do Now by answering questions in their notebooks.

10min Chemical Reaction Notes. Teacher shows a model of a chemical reaction. Students discuss in groups and break down the reaction into steps. Class discussion.

10min Chemical Reaction Notes (continued). Teacher provides examples for each sign of a reaction. Students share observations of reactions from previous experiences.

10min Students complete paragraph summaries and margin questions and then share with the class.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.