Chemistry: Runaway Electrons & Ions


  • HW: Find and list 15 products that have ion, ionic, ionizer, or ionized (from real life, movies, books, or games) in their name or description. (Not all periods.)

  • CW: Ions & Ionic Bonds Mini Poster

  • DN: (1) What information is available on the periodic table? (2) What is an ion?

  • Reminders: Group members for the Reuse Project need to turn in 2nd contract agreement by Tomorrow.


Reuse Project + Group Member Agreements

Atoms Paper Models (Lewis Dot) - Not Available Online


5min Students complete the Do Now by answering questions in their notebooks.

5min Why Electrons Leave Story

10min Ions & Ionic Bonds Mini Poster. Modeling the making of ions and defining ions.

10min Ions & Ionic Bonds Mini Poster. Modeling and defining ionic bonds.

5min Add definitions to the notebook.

5min Demonstrate material manipulation techniques for reuse project.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.