Midterm Review: Day 3 of 4


  • HW: Draw any 3 Diagrams from your notes (select the ones you are least familiar with).

  • CW: Illustration Reminder Check and Crossword with Clues.

  • DN: Take out homework and grab copies of handouts.

  • Reminder: Midterm on Wednesday!


5min Students complete the Do Now by taking out homework and getting the two handouts.

10min Students draw the rock cycle and the nitrogen cycle, then check and correct.

5min Teacher outlines how to and how not to make a crossword. (4 words from Cycling of Matter, 4 words from Rock Cycle, and 2 words from Phase Changes).

15min Students create a crossword with clues.

5min Students start working on the homework.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Prepare students for midterm exam.