Midterm Review: Day 1 of 4


  • HW: Write 10 Multiple Choice Questions - 5 on Safety, 5 on Experimental Design & Trendlines (have chart options for trendline questions).

  • CW: Experimental Design Practice + Chart Story Practice

  • DN: Take out a sheet of paper and grab 1/2 sheet of blank paper.

  • Reminder: Midterm on Wednesday.


Safety Video Contract (Read it AGAIN)

Trends In Data Handout

Experimental Design Handout



5min Students complete the Do Now by taking out a sheet of paper and a 1/2 sheet of blank paper.

10-15min Class identifies the independent, dependent, constants, hypothesis, etc. for an experiment based on the information provided by the Teacher. Review of vocabulary.

10min Students independently identify the independent variable, dependent variable, etc. for an experiment. Answers shared with the class.

10min Students draw the chart for a scenario provided by the teacher. Various answers are challenged by groups.

5min Students draw the chart for a different scenario.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Prepare students for midterm exam.