Plate Tectonics: Review by Cheering


  • HW: 5 Flashcards (Plate Tectonics Notes)

  • CW: Plate Tectonics Memory Challenge

  • DN: Collect your notebook.

  • EQ: What are the characteristics of each boundary?

  • Reminder: QUIZ TOMORROW!!!




5min Students complete the Do Now by collecting their notebook.

5min Students review their notes and then draw and label the features of convergent and divergent plate boundaries including subduction and thermal vents.

5min Students use their notes to amend their illustrations and evaluate their familiarity.

5min Teacher outlines the Tectonic Cheer activity. Class provides possible features and corresponding choreography. Teacher assigns each group a boundary.

5-10min Students create a cheer and corresponding choreography for assigned boundary and one of its unique features.

5-10min Groups perform cheers.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will model the characterize the features of each boundary through cheer and choreography.