Plate Tectonics: Modeling Convection in the Mantle


  • HW: Turn in Plate Tectonic SMA via Google Classroom by Monday at the latest.

  • DN: Why does California have earthquakes but Kansas does not?

  • Reminder: Notebook check sometime SOON!


Stop Motion Studio App


5min Students complete the Do Now by answer question. Students share answers with the class.

10min Teacher outlines the parts of the stop-motion animation; provides an example of how to set-up the animation; assigns photo counts for each part of the animation; gives tips for completing the assignment; and arranges students in groups that allow for equal access to technology.

10-15min Students delegate tasks and work on making labels, signs, and parts for the animation.

10-15min Students create a stop motion animation that demonstrates how convection moves the plates in convergent and divergent boundaries.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will model the role of convection in the mantle to demonstrate its role in plate tectonics using stop motion animation.