Plate Tectonics: Modeling & Movements


  • HW: [1] Bring your own technology tomorrow. (Optional) [2] Turn in the questions from yesterday via Google Classroom today.

  • CW: Plate Tectonic Map (w/arrows & paragraph)

  • DN: What is a fault?

  • EQ: What are the characteristics of each boundary?

  • Reminder: Notebook check sometime SOON.


Plate Tectonic Map



5min Students complete the Do Now by answer question.

15min Flashcards are used to model convergent, divergent, and transform plate boundaries. (Emphasis placed on mountain formation with convergent boundaries.)

5min Teacher uses Google Maps to point out subduction zones, mountain ranges, and thermal vents to outline the edges of a tectonic plate.

5min Teacher demonstrates how features such as subduction zones, volcanoes, and thermal vents can be used to determine the direction of movement for a plate.

10min Students use the information on the Plate Tectonic Map (Dots are volcanoes, volcanoes mean subduction) to determine which direction the plates are moving. Verify answers as a class.

5min Students write a paragraph that explains how they can determine the direction a plate is moving.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.