Experiment: Muscle Endurance


  • HW: [1] Complete lab details (variables, hypothesis, and chart with trendline). [2] Turn in Chocolate Rock Cycle slideshow via Google Classroom.

  • CW: Muscle Endurance Lab mini write up.

  • DN: How do independent and dependent variables differ?


Example Data for Muscle Endurance Lab


5min Students complete the Do Now by answering the question.

5min Students copy a table for the experiment and identify the variables, constants, question and hypothesis.

5min Teacher outlines the procedures and randomly selects participants.

15min Trials 1-5 are carried on while students record data.

10min Class calculates averages and students plot the data and add a trendline. Students discuss the significance of the trendline.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students perform an experiment to collect, analyze, and interpret the data.