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Quiet on Set: Storyboarding for Video Presentations

Quick View

  • CW: Complete Storyboard & Video Clips (Not Collected)

  • DN: (1) Trade homework (safety questions) and answer questions. (2) In the blank storyboard, draw a person in a wide, medium, close up, and extreme close up.

  • EQ: How should you film a 'how to...' video?


Blank Storyboard

How to... Example Storyboard

Lesson Outline

5min< Students complete the Do Now and pick up the Blank Storyboard handout. Take attendance.

15min> Demonstrate how to film with a camera. Show examples of wide, medium, and close ups. Discuss what should go into a video and how it should be filmed.

15min< Students film the shots listed in the storyboard (excluding title and credits). The focus is on composition and not the quality of the content.

5min Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will learn and practice the skills and techniques required to make a video presentation that uses best practices including close-ups, medium, and wide shots.