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Safety: What NOT to Do

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  • HW: Practice Project. (1) Create storyboards for a How To Video - simple 1-step such as making toast or chocolate milk. Include detailed notes (shot type, action, topic, materials). Use example from the notes as a template. (2) Film and edit together. (3) Turn in via Google Classroom ONLY by Friday 9/6. Work solo or in pairs.

  • CW: Complete What NOT to Do mini book.

  • DN: Make a mini book.

  • EQ: What are the consequences of not following safety rules and procedures?


Blank Storyboard

How to... Example Storyboard


Lesson Outline

5min< Students complete the Do Now and make a mini book. (Example of steps on the board.)

10min Practice Video Project instructions and expectations. Recap of using example storyboards as a template for How To Video.

5min< Teacher outlines expectations. (Focus is on possible consequence of not following rules) Provide examples and possible consequences - pool from students.

15min< Students work on What Not To Do mini book by writing 4 things not to do and illustrating the consequences.

5min Mini books are collected. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will illustrate consequences of not following safety rules to demonstrate their importance and significance.