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Trends in Data: Charts + Trendlines


  • CW: Complete charts and trendlines for the Chuck-Ken Jump, Going Viral, and Candy for Later part of the Trendy Trendlines Activity.

  • DN: Turn in homework and clear tables.

  • Note: Quiz retakes on Friday during Lunch or After School.


Trendy Trendline Activity Handouts (Not available online on this site.)


5min Students complete the do now by turning in their homework and clearing their tables.

5min Students working in pairs get and prep supplies for today’s activity.

15min Trendy Trendlines: Chuck-Ken Jump.

10min Trendy Trendlines: Going Viral.

10min<  Trendy Trendlines: Candy for Later.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Create a chart and add the corresponding trendline.