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A Pop-Up Haiku To Get To Know You

Quick View

  • CW: Haiku Pop-up Page + Haiku Handout

  • DN: On the back of the Haiku Handout list five likes, five dislikes, and one interesting fact.

  • EQ: What are the rules to writing Haiku?


Haiku Handout

Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now and pick up handouts. (For the first few days the teacher will remind them to do so.) Attendance will be called out.

5min< Overview of the Haiku rules.

5min< Finding what's wrong with Haiku A & B. Individual, share with pairs, then class discussion.

10min Students write a Haiku. Pair checks for compliance to Haiku rules. Share with class.

5min Demonstrate how to make a pop-up book template. Show examples. (Step by step examples on the board.)

5min< Students make their own pop-up book template.

10min  Students start on Haiku Pop-Up, adding in likes, dislikes, interesting facts, title, haiku, and pictures/art.

10min  Clean up and collect all items.

AIM: Students will practice writing haiku and the skills to make a pop-up by making a 1-page Pop-Up book featuring a Haiku about themselves.