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Trends in Data: Every Chart Tells a Story


  • CW: Chart Stories Worksheet + Chart Illustrations.

  • DN: Read all 4 stories from the Chart Stories handout.

  • EQ: How do you interpret a chart?


Trends in Data Notes Handout

Chart Stories - Every chart tells a story

Chart Stories - Charts A, B, and C



5min Students complete the Do Now by reading the 4 chart stories on the handout.

10min> Complete Trends in Data notes

10min Match the chart story (1-3) goes with the write chart (A, B, or C). Explain why that chart goes with the story. Group discussion followed by a class discussion.

10min> For story 4, identify which trendline represents the mice, owls and tree. Explain your answer. Group discussion followed by a class discussion.

5min Teacher illustrates the events in chart story 1 to the corresponding parts of its chart.

5min< Students select either chart story 2 or 3 and illustrate the events in the corresponding parts of the chart.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Link events of a story to the corresponding sections of a chart (w/trendline) and provide reasoning.