Plate Tectonics (+ Rock Cycle): Rocks & More Haiku


  • CW/HW: Haiku Pop-Up page and 5 Haiku (separate sheet of paper)

  • DN: What are sediments?

  • EQ: How can rocks change and reform to make new rocks with new properties?

  • Note: Phase of Matter Video Projects are due TOMORROW!!!


Phases of Matter Video Rubric

Blank Storyboards

How to... Example Storyboard


Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by answering the question in their notebooks.

5min Teacher goes over the rules for a haiku and the topics.

5min Class writes a haiku for magma/lava together.

15min Students write a haiku for each part of the rock cycle (sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, igneous rock, sediments, and magma/lava) on a separate sheet of paper.

5min Teacher goes over how to make a pop-up page.

10min Students work in groups to make a pop-up book. Each page covers a different part of the the rock cycle. (Total pages is equal to the number of member of the group plus one.)

5min Clean up. Wrap up.