Plate Tectonics (+ Rock Cycle): Introduction of Minerals


  • HW: Finish Mineral Hat (only for periods that didn’t have enough time).

  • CW: Mineral Hat (with mineral information).

  • DN: What is a mineral?

  • Note: Phase of Matter video project are due Thursday.


Phases of Matter Video Rubric

Blank Storyboards

How to... Example Storyboard

Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by answering question in notebook.

5min Q&A about video project. Reminders and tips for success are given.

5min Teacher instructs students on requirements for the Mineral Hat (Name, Formula, Streak, Colour, Hardness, and Interesting Facts).

10min Students research minerals.

15min Students construct their Mineral Hats.

5min Students share information about their mineral.

5min Clean up. Wrap up.