Phases of Matter: Other States and Phases


  • HW: [1] People wanting to work in pairs for the Phases of Matter Video Project must turn in completed and acceptable storyboards tomorrow. [2] Eating Crackers Experiment Report is due tomorrow via Google Classroom.

  • CW: Paragraph summary and margin questions (notebook).

  • DN: Draw and label the phase change chart.

  • EQ: How do other states of matter and phase changes differ from the ones we know?


Phases of Matter Video Rubric

Blank Storyboards

How to... Example Storyboard


Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by identifying the parts of the phase change charts.

10min Students trade homework and answer the questions. Afterwards, students trade back and correct.

5min Teacher goes over quiz instructions.

10min Students take quiz.

15min Other States of Matter and Phase Changes notes.

5min Students write a paragraph summary and margin questions.

5min Clean up. Wrap up.