Phases of Matter: Exploration of Simulations of Phases


  • HW: [1] Finish 10 Multiple-Choice Questions on Phase Changes notes (3 on Vocabulary, 3 on the first diagram, 3 on the second diagram, and 1 on review). [2] Turn in completed Eating Crackers Experiment Report via Google Classroom by 12/13. [3] People wanting to work in pairs for the Phases of Matter Video Project must turn in completed and acceptable storyboards by Thursday.

  • CW: Questions on the phase simulations via Google Classroom.

  • DN: Take assigned Chromebook and go to Google Classroom.

  • Reminder: Quiz tomorrow on phase changes.


Phases of Matter Simulation

Phases of Matter Video Rubric

Blank Storyboards

How to... Example Storyboard


Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by taking assigned Chromebook and going to Google Classroom.

5min Teacher outlines homework and provides examples.

5min Teacher overviews how to navigate the simulation and what is required for the Eating Crackers Experiment report.

10min Students answer questions while exploring the phases of matter simulations.

5min Class discuss the unique properties of water.

5min Students start working on the homework assignment by writing 10 multiple choice questions on the Phases of Matter Notes.

5min Clean up. Wrap up.