Rock Recollection: Every Rock Has A Story


  • CW/HW: Mini-Book Story about an Igneous Rock and their voyage through the rock cycle. (Start as an igneous rock and end as an igneous rock. 3 Illustrations + Key Vocabulary. Bonus point if it rhymes.)
  • CW: 7 Word crossword puzzles + Clues
  • DN: Place 7 words in crossword format from the Rock Cycle?
  • EQ: How can rocks change and reform to make new rocks with new properties?
  • Note: Turn in missing storyboards (from video project) by Friday.
  • Super Awesome Special: Two Nickels + Two Dimes + Five Pennies


Rock Cycle Diagram


5min< Students complete the Do Now and attendance is taken. Collect Xtra Credit Projects.

10min< Students complete crossword puzzles by writing clues and erasing answers.

5min Demonstration: How to make a mini-book.

5min Student work on scripts (follow storyboard) for First Video Project.

5min Outline details for Mini-Book Story of Rock. (First or Third Person + 3 Illustrations + Key Vocabulary + Title + Rock Themed Name + Bonus for Rhyming)

10min< Students work on Mini-Book Story

5min> Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will create a story around a rock as it goes through the rock cycle that includes key vocabulary terms and illustrations.