Practice Spreadsheets

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  • HW: Complete 2nd Spreadsheet (Google Classroom).

  • CW: Complete Practice Spreadsheet (Turn in via Google Classroom).

  • DN: Take your assigned Chromebook and log into your account.

  • EQ: How do you create a table and chart with a trendline?



Lesson Outline

5min Students log into their assigned Chromebook and Google Classroom.

10-20min Students make a copy of the Practice Spreadsheet and follow the instructional videos to complete the assignment. Teacher addresses technical questions. (Note: Google Sheets has made changes to chart menu, second video covers new method.)

5-10min Students complete 2nd Spreadsheet Assignment using the practice assignment as a guide.

5min All assignments are turned in via Google Classroom.

5min Put away Chromebooks. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will practice using spreadsheets and become familiar with basic skills including creating tables and charts.