Working with Spreadsheets

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  • HW: [1] Work on Video Project (see previous post). [2] Study for quiz.

  • CW: Completed practice exercises (not collected).

  • DN: Take your assigned Chromebook and log into your account.

  • EQ: How do you create a table and chart with a trendline?



Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now and log into their assigned Chromebook.

5min> Students join Google Classroom and open Google Sheets.

5min Practice using Autofill.

5min< Practice finding sums and averages.

5min Practice formatting tables.

5min< Practice creating charts and adding trendlines.

5min< Practice entering formulas.

5min Put away Chromebooks. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will practice using spreadsheets and become familiar with basic skills including creating tables and charts.