Natural Resources: Food


  • CW: Food & Resources Questions (Google Classroom).

  • DN: Take your assigned Chromebook.


Water Used In Food Production

Eating Habits and Climate Change


5min Students complete the Do Now by taking their assigned Chromebooks.

5min Teacher outlines the assignments and provides reading strategies.

20min Students answer the following questions: 1. What percent of US vegetables, nuts/fruits, and wine is made in California? 2. How much of CA water is used for almonds? For agriculture? 3. How much water is needed to make ONE almond? 4. The amount needed for almonds in one year can provide enough water for Los Angeles for how long? 5. A person eats 20 hamburgers in a year, how many years of showers is that? How many gallons? 6. How much water is used to make 1 pound of soybeans? Pork? Chicken? Crickets? 7. What is the best environmental option for seafood? 8. Environmentally speaking is eating chicken better than eating cheese? 9. How is food waste a problem? What are some solutions? 10. On our planet with our limited resources, what is the worst thing you can eat? Why? (Turn in via Google Classroom)

5min Students share answers with their table group and then with the class.

5min Class discussion about food and environmental impact.

5min Return Chromebooks. Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.