Refresher Course on Using Google Spreadsheets

Quick View

  • HW: Spreadsheet Exercise 1 (Google Classroom Assignment)
  • CW: Spreadsheet Practice (Google Classroom Assignment)
  • DN: Checkout a Chromebook and log into Google Classroom.
  • EQ: What tasks can be done on a spreadsheet? How?


Lesson Outline

5min> Students complete the Do Now. Take attendance.

20min< Students watch video and follow along on the corresponding Practice Spreadsheet, identical to the one used in the video (see Google Classroom). Provide assistance.

20min< Students complete Spreadsheet Exercise 1 (see Google Classroom). Provide assistance.

5min< Return Chromebooks. Wrap up.

AIM: Students will find the averages and sums of a series of numbers and create a chart with a trendline using Google Spreadsheets