Safety in the Science Classroom


  • HW: (1) Write 5 multiple-choice safety questions (separate sheet of paper). (2) Signed safety contract and course outline. (3) Bring your own technology - optional.

  • CW: Complete video safety questions.

  • DN: Number pages in the notebook. (Right pages are odd, left pages are even.)

  • EQ: What are the safety guidelines when working in a lab?


Safety Questions

Safety Contract



5min> Attendance & Complete Do Now

15min Students watch lab safety video & answer safety questions

10min> Review answers.

10min< Identification of safety equipment and location in the classroom. Overview the use of eyewash and fire extinguisher.

5min Demonstrate format for multiple choice question Students write 5 multiple choice questions on safety. Finish for homework. Wrap up.

AIM: Students can outline the safety rules and locations of safety equipment.