Experiments 101


  • HW: Finish Video Project (see previous post).

  • DN: Glue Science Experiments 101 on page 7.

  • EQ: How do you set up an experiment?


Science Experiments 101: The Basics



5min Students complete the do now by numbering the pages in their notebook and glueing in Science Experiments 101 handout onto page 5.

10min Teacher explains the procedures of the Running Distance vs Jump Distance experiment. Randomly selects students for Trial 1and run through the steps. Data is recorded in the table on the handout.

10min Complete Trials 3-4. Students are randomly selected and should only participate in one trial.

15min Students complete the notes on the handout.

5min  Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Complete an experiment and identify the variables, state the hypothesis, and determine the question the experiment answers.