Ecosystems: Trophic Levels & Populations QUIZ


  • HW: Turn in Ecosystem Project VIDEOS TODAY via Google Classroom (10/31).

  • DN: Clear table. Fill in bubble sheet.

  • Note: Late Ecosystem Projects can still earn up to 85%, until Wednesday (11/7).


Ecosystems Project Handout

Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by clearing tables and filling in bubble sheets in preparation for today’s quiz.

5min Teacher provides instructions for quizzes.

20min Students complete quiz. (Teacher reads out loud short answer paragraph and questions and provides sentence starters/outlines.)

5min Collect quizzes. Collect homework. Collect Final Food Web & Trophic Level Posters (Ecosystem Project).

5min Watch Ecosystem Vocabulary Videos (Ecosystem Project). Teacher provides feedback.

5min Discussion about late projects, time management, and acceptable quality.

5min Clean up. Wrap up.