Ecosystems: Islands Poster


  • CW: Island Population Poster

  • DN: Turn in homework and clear tables.


Island Population Poster Set-up & Instructions

Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by turning in homework and clearing tables.

10min Teacher demonstrate how to set-up poster, do the calculations, and draw the animals.

10min Students determine how many Chuck-Kens they want to keep as pets (at least three). They then calculate the biomass at the primary consumer and producer level. Afterwards, students determine how many fuzzy bugs or caterpillars will be needed and how much grassy land their island must have to support the Chuck-Kens. (Note: For an extra challenge students may keep Chuchu-Kens or Haw-Kens as pets and do the calculations accordingly, no more than two at that level.)

10min Students will draw the animals on the island. (For simplicity, each bug they draw is equivalent to 100 fuzzy bugs and each caterpillar to 20 fuzzy caterpillars.)

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.