Ecosystems: Islands & Otter Things


  • HW: Finish Trophic Levels & Population Questions

  • CW: Gore-Killa Islands Handout with paragraph summary.

  • DN: Start the Gore-Killa Islands Handout worksheet by calculating the biomasses at each level.


Trophic Levels & Energy Pyramids (Gore-Killa Islands)

Trophic Levels & Population Questions

Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by calculating the biomasses.

10min Students finish the Gore-Killa Islands handout by determining how many Gore-Killas and Too-Kens can live on each island; drawing them; and then explaining why there is a difference in the Gore-Killa populations (include the terms: producer, primary consumer, energy, 10%, and more/less).

5min Students share answers.

5min Watch video on sea urchins.

10min Class answers chart questions from Trophic Levels & Populations worksheet in small groups and with the class.

5min Students turn in Gore-Killa Island handout and complete other as homework.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.