Ecosystems: 1st Quarter Project Introduction


  • HW: Create a rough draft illustration of a food web for the islands you discovered. The food web must have 3 producers, 3 primary consumers (at least one should be an insect), 2 secondary consumers, and 1 tertiary consumer. Every organism should be unique to your islands and have a name. (Note: Groups that don’t have a food web on Monday, will not be allowed to continue working together.)

  • CW: Trophic Levels & Energy Pyramids (Gore-Killa Islands) Handout.

  • DN: Take a handout and start immediately.

  • EQ: Where does energy go as it moves up trophic levels?

  • Note: [1] Ecosystem Project is due Wednesday (10/31). [2] Notebook check next week (notes, paragraph summaries, margin questions, diagrams, illustrations, and colour.)


Ecosystems Project Handout

Trophic Levels & Energy Pyramids (Gore-Killa Islands)


Lesson Outline

10min< Students complete the Do Now by completing handout.

5min< Class goes over handout and the ‘big’ question.

15min< Teacher outlines the Ecosystem Project in detail.

5min Q&A about Ecosystem Project.

5min Students organize into groups and/or brainstorm.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.