Ecosystems: Trophic Levels & Energy Pyramids


  • HW: Write a five question multiple choice quiz (options: (a) Predator/Prey (b) Mutual (c) Parasitic (d) Commensal (e) Competitive). Additionally, be familiar with species pairs and their interactions (bees & flowers, shark & remora, fish & lamprey, ants & aphids, wasps & caterpillars, and barnacles & whales).

  • CW: Trophic Levels - Energy Pyramids Handout

  • DN: How is energy used?

  • EQ: Where does energy go as it moves up trophic levels?

  • Note: Notebook check next week (notes, paragraph summaries, margin questions, diagrams, illustrations, and colour.)


Trophic Levels: Energy Pyramids Handout


Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now by answering the question in their notebook.

5min Teacher outlines homework details. (Write a 5 question multiple choice quiz.)

5min> Introduction to Energy Pyramid lesson.

5min Teacher walks students through first energy pyramid problem.

5min Class completes the second problem together.

10min Teacher introduces the next two problems and students completed independently.

5min Discussion on meat-eating Gore-Killas vs the vegetarian Gore-Killas populations.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.