Ecosystems: Animal Interactions Haiku Minibook


  • CW/HW: Animal Interactions Minibook.

  • DN: Make a minibook.

  • EQ: How do members of different species interact with each other?

Lesson Outline

5min> Students complete the Do Now by making a minibook (fold, fold, cut, and staple).

5min< Teacher outlines the requirements for the Animal Interaction Haiku Minibook. One illustration and one haiku for each interaction (predator/prey, competitive, mutual, commensal, and parasitic).

15min Students work on minibook. (Groups that did not present their puppet play previously prep during this time.)

5-15min Puppet play presentations.

5min Students share Haiku and examples.

5min Students continue to work on minibook.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Define via haiku and illustrations each type of interaction between species.