Ecosystems: Puppet Show (1of2)


  • HW: Finish scripts and puppets for Symbiotic Puppet Show.

  • DN: What is commensalism (commensal interactions)?

  • Reminder: Turn in Competitive Interaction SMA via Google Classroom.

Lesson Outline

5min> Students complete the Do Now by answering questions.

5min Teacher outlines the requirements for the Symbiotic Puppet Show and provides hints and tips for better outcomes.

5min Teacher assigns each group an organism pair from a mutual, parasitic, or commensal interaction.

30min Students research organism pair, create puppets, and write a script for their puppet show which addresses the following questions. [1] How do you define mutual/parasitic/commensal interactions. [2] How and who benefits or loses? [3] How will you show their interactions?

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Create a puppet show that models a mutual, parasitic, or commensal interaction between species.