Ecosystems: Interactions (Intro. 2of2)


  • CW/HW: Finish Crossword Puzzle + Key

  • DN: What is a producer? (Take two sheets of graph paper.)

  • EQ: How do members of different species interact with each other?

  • Note: Monday and Tuesday are Bring Your Own Technology. Please, install Stop Motion Studio (free) before class.


Crossword + Key Example


Lesson Outline

5min Students complete the Do Now in their notebook and share their answers.

5min Class reviews previous material and vocabulary.

5min Instructions for creating a crossword puzzle answer key with I3-I5 vocabulary words and creating a blank crossword with clues.

10min Students place vocabulary words in crossword. Teacher checks that they are set-up correctly and students continue work.

15min Completion of Ecosystem: Interaction notes.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Students complete notes and prepare review material for forthcoming quiz (Wednesday).