Ecosystems: Abiotic vs Biotic Illustration


  • CW: Illustration of an ecosystem with biotic list, abiotic list, and labels.

  • DN: What is an ecosystem?

  • EQ: What are the abiotic and biotic factors of an ecosystem?


5min Students complete the Do Now in their notebook and share their answers.

5min< Class reviews previous material and vocabulary.

5min< Teacher explains requirements for illustrations and passes out work started from the day before (see Ecosystems: Introduction).

15min< Students complete illustrations and list all the biotic factors and all abiotic factors (separate lists). Additionally, they identify the individual, population, and community.

5min< Students present their illustrations and identify the biotic and abiotic factors.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Identify the abiotic and biotic factors of an ecosystem.