Ecosystems: Introduction


  • CW: Illustration of an ecosystem.

  • DN: Go to page 8 of your notebook. Label at the top: Table of Contents. Label pages 9-12: Do Now.

  • EQ: What are the plants, animals, and non-living parts of your ecosystem?

  • Note: Quiz Retakes Tomorrow and Wednesday at Lunch only.




5min Students complete the Do Now by labeling their notebooks.

5min< Watch engaging video clip of a contained ecosystem. (Recommendation: Planet Earth II: Islands (S1:E1) 18:30-24:30)

10min> Group discussion about interactions, importance of species members, and physical environment.

5min> Teacher explains poster illustration requirements and assigns ecosystem.

15min Students illustrate an ecosystem adding plants, animals, and physical non-living components (ie rocks).

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Identify the plants, animals, and non-living parts of an ecosystem.