Trends in Data: Every Chart Tells a Story


  • CW: Chart Stories Worksheet + Original Chart Story w/Illustrations.

  • DN: Read all 3 stories from the Chart Stories handout.

  • EQ: How do you interpret a chart?

  • Note: Quiz retakes on Friday at Lunch and After School. Notebook Check on Friday.


Trends in Data Notes Handout

Chart Stories - Every chart tells a story



5min Students complete the Do Now by reading the 4 chart stories on the handout.

10min> Teacher reads Chart Story 1 asking guiding questions and pointing out key details. Students discuss which Chart, A, B, or C, fits with the story and support their statements. Students share their answers with the class. Teacher asks guiding questions about events represented at key points of the graph and adds illustrations.

10min Students match the chart stories 2 and 3 with charts (A, B, or C). Students explain why explain their selection. Students then add illustrations.

5min Students share answers (chart and illustrations) on the board.

5min Teacher outlines how to write their own chart stories and provides examples. Students are encouraged to make their charts simple or complex depending on their understanding.

5min< Students complete their chart stories.

5min Collect materials. Clean up. Wrap up.

AIM: Link events of a story to the corresponding sections of a chart (w/trendline) and provide reasoning.