Mesh Cases vs Other Methods of Organization

Is your child unorganized? Are all their papers mushed at the bottom of their backpack? If that sounds like your child, here is a solution: mesh cases.


These cases are affordable and will keep all your child’s papers and pencils organized. Usually mesh cases are clear, making it easy to see inside. The papers will all be in one place and not everywhere inside a backpack. With a mesh case, children will be able to see their papers, and can easily zip it up, protecting everything inside. Even with multiple things shoved into a child’s backpack, the mesh cases will protect the papers from any damages and creases. These cases are very durable and can withstand years of wear.

Other options for organization include prong folders, plastic paper cases, and pocket file folders.


Prong folders are cheaply made and flimsy. These folders require papers that are hole punched, and not every student has a hole puncher, or is willing to put effort into hole punching their papers.


What happens is children shove papers inside, which will later end up falling out and getting lost when taken out of the backpack.

As more things are stuffed into their backpacks, the folder, along with the paper inside will become a crumpled mess at the bottom.


Plastic paper cases, as well as pocket file folders, are way too bulky to be kept in a child’s backpack. These cases can be easily broken, and especially with children, an accidental drop or harsh force on their backpack will break the case.

To ensure your child’s organization, parents should think about investing in a mesh case. They are found at Amazon and Daiso for a low price.