How to Pick a Notebook

Looking for a notebook? Here are some things you should consider: (1) size, (2) spiral, and (3) subject number.


You can easily find notebooks at Office Depot, Staples, and your local Target or Walmart. The first thing you should check are the dimensions.The smaller sizes, such as 10.5in x 8in or 10.5in x 7.5in will not fit normal sized paper, therefore they’re not ideal for school use. A size of 11.5in x 8.5in and 11in x 9in will work for most classes.


Next, pay attention to the spiral binding. Look for the one with the thickest wiring, this will ensure the notebook won’t fall apart and will last the school year. Avoid notebooks with double spirals.

After that, you should check the number of subjects. There are 3 types: 1 subject, 3 subject, or 5 subject notebook. More subjects in a notebook means you’ll end up with extra pages that will never be used. The thicker the notebook, the more stress on the spiral.

Therefore, a 1 subject notebook, with about 100 pages, will be perfect for the school year! To summarize, the best choice for your notebook would be a 11in. x 9 in. single subject with a thick spiral.



Best Value: Office Depot 1-Subject Notebook

2nd Best: Staples 2-Subject Notebook

Distant 3rd: Five Star 1-Subject Notebook